I’m glad i wrote it down

I'm glad i took 5 minutes out of my day yesterday to write down what was annoying me, i'm also very glad at the response i've received from people. To anyone reading this, i promise that i will sit down and do the work that i need to, if you write down some ways for… Continue reading I’m glad i wrote it down


Building Takes Time

I'm trying to build a website for my job but it's frustrating me. I decided to take some time out and realise that thinking like this won't make it happen any quicker. Just put your head down and do your work, that's the quickest way through it and i wanted to share that with anyone… Continue reading Building Takes Time

The Big Short (2015)

“ Truth is like poetry, and most people fucking hate poetry” Overheard in a D.C Bar The Big Short tells the narrative of the subprime housing market crisis which was a major precursor to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). The story is told from the perspective of three parallel stories. Firstly is Michael Burry, an… Continue reading The Big Short (2015)

Review: Requiem for the American Dream

“ For the powerful, crimes are those that others commit” Noam Chomsky In this just over an hour long ‘teach-in’ (New York Times 2015) Internationally acclaimed academic Noam Chomsky focuses on 10 key aspects of modern society that have been designed, redesigned or attacked from without and within, in order to concentrate evermore economic power… Continue reading Review: Requiem for the American Dream

Lets Get Started (Working Title)

I want to become a better writer, it's one of the goals i've set myself for 2017. So i guess i'd better get writing. Paige said her name was Billie, if only you had been looking under what you actually knew her as good thing you didn't message any of those schools, that would have looked… Continue reading Lets Get Started (Working Title)