Lets Get Started (Working Title)

I want to become a better writer, it’s one of the goals i’ve set myself for 2017. So i guess i’d better get writing. Paige said her name was Billie, if only you had been looking under what you actually knew her as good thing you didn’t message any of those schools, that would have looked creepy as fuck to someone you didn’t know.

Before i get into that there is something that’s i feel that if i don’t get down it’s going to play on my mind for some time to come.

I met an incredible girl last thursday night. I met her at a local bar while having a beer watching a friends gig. I can’t remember one minute of the gig.

She had dark hair, hazel eyes and a thick accent from Spain. Her name was Maria but everyone called her Billie but i thought her name was Pili (as in short for Pilar) and the mixture of cold beer on a muggy Melbourne summer night and Spanish accented english confirmed it. It was only after i spoke to a friend who was out with us that i found out her name was “Billie”, at least i got the Maria part right. She couldn’t pronounce my name and every time she said it wrong i wanted to grab her and kiss her english better.

We just hit it off like two people who had known each other for years. I’ll admit that she could have been reciting tax records and her accent would have made it appealing. Our talks about Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Aslans courage.

As the bar closed we got in a cab with a driver who we later found out was deaf,  nothing that a polite tap on the shoulder couldn’t fix if we needed anything, the drive back gave her a little tour of a part of Melbourne that she hadn’t seen yet.

i’m a firm believer that there are few people in this world we can sleep next to and be immediately comfortable. The kind of girl who wakes up at 6AM half sleep and half excited because she thought she heard the rain starting to come down. Who can’t express herself in english in a moment of passion so stares at you speaking in rapid-fire Spanish. I never did find out what she said, aside from the broken “thank you for making me, making me see stars”. I was speechless. This is a girl who sounds like a fantasy, could look like my future and feels like it’s going to be a goodnight sleep.

i didn’t get her number and i’m worried i’ll never see her again. Time to play detective, life is too short to miss something like that. Until next time.



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